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Living in Maine is about striking the right balance between your income-generating activities and your life-affirming passions. Our law firm concentrates on business law, and estate planning. By limiting our practice areas, we find we are better able to serve our client’s needs. 


Formation & Startup

LLCs, Non-Profits

Forming an LLC is easy. Maintaining limited liability takes some care. LLCs are the most flexible and advantageous small business entity. Every single LLC should have an operating agreement, and an annual audit to make sure it is still delivering on the promise of limited liability.

LLC Formation, Corporate Formation, Non-Profit Formation, Convert Business Entity, develop and draft operating agreements, and conduct quarterly and annual audits of LLCs to maintain their limited liability.

Employees & HR

Agreements & Handbooks

Profitably starting, running and selling a business depends upon the quality of employee relations and management. We draft the documents that help you attract & keep qualified people, avoid liability for discrimination or other claims, and keep a key employee post-sale of a business.

We develop and draft employment agreements, arbitration agreements, employee handbooks, employee performance review procedures, deferred compensation agreements, stay bonus agreements.

Co-Owners & Partners


Joint owners of a business should address disability, death & divorce right at the start, in an agreement. Operating agreements and buy sell provisions can also address capital calls, profit and loss, rights and obligations of investors vs managers and sale of the business

We develop and draft operating agreements and buy-sell agreements, life insurance trust agreements, trigger provisions for the forced sale or purchase of a partner’s interest in a business.

Mergers & Acquisition

Buying & Selling A Business

Buying a business or selling a business can require complex due diligence. Analyzing and developing the terms of purchase or sale, financing, equity vs asset purchase and working with knowledgeable CPAs to obtain the best possible result.

We develop and draft Equity Purchase Agreements, Asset Purchase Agreements, due diligence audits, Secured Promissory Notes, Assignments and Transfers of Interest, Bill of Sale and Assignments.

Day to Day Operations

Business Agreements

Being in business requires having written formal agreements. Having it done right is a stitch in time. Whether you need a simple purchase order form, or a commercial or residential lease, lay a good foundation, and avoid expensive litigation in the future.

We develop and draft commercial leases, subcontractor agreements, contractor agreements, license agreements, non-compete and NDA or non-disclosure agreements.

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